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Some Important Expected Questions of Computer Fundamentals


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Computer (Data Structure 1)

Computer (Data Structure 1)

Q-1 A value or set of values is called-------?
(a) File (b) Entity (c) Data (d) Key

Q-2 A data item in a record that takes unique values and can be used to distinguish
a record from other record is called---------?
(a) Key (b) Information
(c) Data time (d) Record

Q-3 What is information?
(a) Set of values (b) A processed data
(c) A collection of record (d) None of these

Q-4 Which amongst the following is definition of record?
(a) A collection of similar entities (b) A collection of related records
(c) A collection of related items (d) None of these

Q-5 A collection of values and a set of operations that act on those values is called---------?
(a) Abstract data type (b) Primitive data type
(c) Polymorphic (d) Data type

Q-6 A primitive data type is a data type that is--------?
(a) Predefined (b) Post defined
(c) Abstract (d) None of these

Q-7 The pre defined data type is also known as--------?
(a) Set of values (b) Built – in data type
(c) Polymorphic (d) Abstract data type

Q-8 A data type that is organized in such a way that the specification of the values and
the specification of the operation on those values are separated from the
representation of the values and the implementation of the operation is called-------?
(a) Primitive data type (b) Polymorphic data type
(c) Abstract data type (d) None of these

Q-9 What is a list?
(a) A collection of record which can be ordered or unordered
(b) A collection of data type which can be ordered or unordered
(c) A collection of different values
(d) A collection of elements which can be ordered or unordered

Q-10 ---------- Is important because it supplies two essential pieces of information.
(a) Data typing (b) Data hiding
(c) Data typing (d) None of these

Q-11 A data structure is a ---------of a particular organization of data.
(a) Algorithm (b) Logical model
(c) Analytical (d) None of these

Q-12 What is a linear data structure?
(a) The records form a sequence (b) The files form a sequence
(c) The elements from a sequence (d) The logic form a sequence

Q-13 A list of finite number of elements of same data type is called-----------?
(a) Arrays (b) Data type
(c) Record of file (d) None of these

Q-14 -------- that requires only one index to access an individual element of the array?
(a) Two-dimensional array (b) One- dimenstrional array
(c) Multi dimensional array (d) Single ten arrays

Q-15 A linked list is a liner collection of data elements is----?
(a) Array (b) Station
(c) nodes (d) None of these

Q-16 In liner linked list each node is dinded into how many parts?
(a) 5 (b) 4
(c) 3 (d) 2

Q-17 In liner linked list first part contains the information of the element and second
called------ contains the address of the node in the list?
(a) The linked field or next pointer field (b) The pervious pointer field
(c) The information of the element (d) None of these
Q-18 In doubly linked list each node is dinded in to how many parts?
(a) 4 (b) 3
(c) 5 (d) 6

Q-19 LIFO stands for-------?
(a) Left-in-first-off (b) Long- inbox- from- on
(c) Last-in-first-out (d) Last-in-from-open
Q-20 What is a stack?
(a) LIFO (b) FILO
(c) LOFT (d) FOLI

Q-21 FIFO stands for---------?
(a) First-out-first-in (b) First-inner-from-out
(c) First-inter-for-offer (d) First-in-first-out

Q-22 A data structure that represents hierarchical relationship between various elements
is called?
(a) Trees (b) Queues
(c) Heaps (d) Shape

Q-23 How many children are there in a binary tree?
(a) 3 (b) 2
(c) 4 (d) 5

Q-24 Finding the location of a given element is called----?
(a) Sorting (b) Deletion
(c) Searching (d) In serration

Q-25 Combining the elements of two similar sorted structures in to a single structure
are called------?
(a) Traversal (b) Heaps
(c) Sorting (d) Merging

Answers With Reasons:-

1 (c) Data
2 (a) Key
3 (b) A processed data
4 (c) A collection of related items
5 (d) Data type
6 (a) Predefined
7 (b) Built – in data type
8 (c) Abstract data type
9 (d) A collection of elements which can be ordered
10 (a) Data typing
11 (b) Logical model
12 (b) Logical model
13 (a) Arrays
14 (b) One- dimensional array
15 (c) Nodes
16 (d) 2
17 (a) The linked field or next pointer field
18 (b) 3
19 (c) Last-in-first-out
20 (a) LIFO
21 (d) First-in-first-out
22 (a) Trees
23 (b) 2
24 (c) Searching
25 (d) Merging

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G.K. Computer Fundamental

G.K. Computer Fundamental

Q-1 Manual data can be put into computer by ………….’

(a) Keyboard (b) MICR
(c) OCR (d) Scanner

Q-2 The ………… provides the go-ahead approval for the development of projects

(a) The project head (b) The user department head
(c) The senior management (d) All of the above

Q-3 Which not the following does not fall under the category of operations to be performed during development of software

(a) Personnel security (b) Logical access control
(c) Physical protection (d) Environmental protection

Q-4 The term ‘remote’ wrt network means

(a) A device that cannot control network functions
(b) Machine located far off
(c) Any peripheral or application located far off
(d) FEP

Q-5 Which access control mechanism does security label fit into ?

(a) Logical access control (b) Discretionary access control
(c) Physical access control (d) None of these

Q-6 A character that retains its value during program execution is …………..

(a) Constant (b) Variables
(c) Type definitions (d) Function

Q-7 All decisions for a LAN are taken by

(a) The it steering committee (b) The top management
(c) A business analyst (d) A project manager

Q-8 Generation of PIN in Bank ATM would require :

(a) Acquirer validates
(b) Acquirer sends response to the acceptor
(c) Authorizations request is sent to the acquirer
(d) PIN entered is encrypted

Q-9 …………. Are self replicating malicious code independent of the action of the user, but slow down the processor on entering a network

(a) Viruses (b) Worms
(c) Trojan Horse (d) None of the above

Q-10 Physical access to a database can be altered by which factors ?

(a) OS used by the software (b) Hiring Procedure
(c) Biometric security tools (d) Access privileges

Q-11 Which is NOT a feature of www ?

(a) Retrieving information (b) Enabling multimedia
(c) Built in hyper text capability (d) None of these

Q-12 Organization would prefer in house development of software to

(a) Ensure that development adhere to defined quality
(b) Maintain vendor relations
(c) Use the technology that is being widely used for development
(d) None of these

Q-13 Which of the following is the fastest ?

(a) Tapes (b) Hard disk
(c) Floppy disk (d) CDs

Q-14 Which of the memory is fastest ?

(a) Auxiliary` (b) Buffer
(c) Hard disk (d) Optical drive

Q-15 Which of the following cannot be shared ?

(a) Printer (b) Scanner
(c) Plotter (d) Mouse

Q-16 Which one of the following statements is true with respect to VSAT ?

(a) Usage is restricted to geographical boundaries
(b) Very high cost due to the usage of fibre optic cables
(c) Though quality of data is high, it does not support high bandwidth
(d) It operates in two frequency bands namely Ku and C

Q-17 The CPU ( Central processing unit ) has

(a) Input ,output and processing
(b) Control unit primary storage and secondary storage
(c) Control unit , arithmetic – logic unit, and primary storage
(d) None of the above

Q-18 What should be considered while division of duties in an IT environment bank ?

 (a) Nature of business operations (b) Managerial policy
(c) Organization structure with job description (d) All the above

Q-19 Which of the following is used to append a digital signature ?

(a) Public key (b) private key
(c) Digital key (d) None of these

Q-20 Computer program looking “normal” but containing harmful code is infected by

(a) Trojan Horse (b) Virus
(c) Worm (d) None of these

Q-21 Steganography is

(a) Hiding the data to make it necessarily invisible and not easily detectable
(b) Hiding the data but not necessarily making it invisible and not easily detectable
(c) Detecting and destroying the hidden data
(d) None of these

Q-22 Mark I computer was

(a) Electrical machine (b) Mechanical Machine
(c) Electronic Machine (d) None of these

Q-23 A computer faster with

(a) GUI (b) Mouse
(c) Keyboard (d) None of these

Q-24 Which of the following do you think is NOT required to develop an application for computer ?

(a) Feasibility study (b) Designing
(c) Testing (d) None of these

Q-25 The data flow diagram is for analyzing

(a) How to do a function efficiently
(b) Restrict the number of times a function can be performed
(c) Requirements of user
(d) None of these


1. d 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. d 6. a 7. a 8. d 9. c 10. b 11. d 12. a 13. b
14. b 15. d 16. d 17. d 18. c 19. b 20. a 21. b 22. c 23. c 24. d 25. c


8. so that no one is able to understand it
12. In house development is company developing its own software
20 Trojan horse is software that has ‘virus hidden in it
24 All of these are required
25. These diagrams are just like flowcharts only difference is they show data movement instead of flow control in charts.

G.K (Computer Fundamentals)

G.K (Computer Fundamentals) 

 Q-1 VLSE Stands for………….
(a) Very large scale integrated circuits (b) Vast longitude scale integrated circuits.
(c) Very long scale interconnecting circuits (d) None of these.

Q-2 When was fourth generation computes comes in use ?

(a) 1966-80 (b) 1976-85 (c) 1986-90 (d) 1980-90

Q-3 What is the full form of MICR?

(a) Mark ink compact reader (b) Magnetic ink computer reader
(c) Magnetic ink character reader (d) None of these.

Q-4 How many types of printer are used

(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2

Q-5 Which of the following types of printers are used in the world?

(a) Line printers and serial character printers.(b) Drum printer and line printers.
(c) Chain printer and serial character printers (d) None of these

Q-6 The data read from the memory or that to be written in the memory is placed in

(a) Rom (b) MDR (C) MAR (d) RAM.

Q-7 MDR Stands for………………

(a) Memory drum register (b) Metric drum register
(c) Memory data register (d) Magnetic data register

Q-8 CDROM Stands for……………

(a) Computer disk read-only memory
(b) Compact direct read-only memory
(c) Computer disk research-only memory
(d) Compact disk read-only memory

Q-9 How many types of ROM in a computer?

(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6

Q-10 Variables that can have values in the form of a sequence of characters are
represented by an alphabet and a & sign at the end is called……………

(a) Numeric values (b) Characters (c) String variables

Q-11 BASIC is stands for…………..

(a) Begin all post system instruction code
(b) Beginners` All purpose symbolic instruction code.
(c) Belong all purpose system instruction code.
(d) None of these.

Q-12 Which statement is used to assign a numerical or a string value to a variable?
(a) Go sub (b) LET (C) REM (d) READ-DATA

Q-13 Which of the following printer consists of a steel band on which characters are

           (a) Line printer (b) Drum printer (c) Chain printer (d) None of these.

Q-14 The transaction where selling and buying of products is done online is

(a) E-Commerce (b) Netscape navigator
(c) Resolution (d) Spreadsheet

Q-15 HTTP Stands for………….

(a) Hyper table transport protocol
(b) Hyper text transport protocol
(c) Host text transport protocol
(d) None of these

Q-16 A Station on a network is……….It can be a dump terminal or a printer or a
computer machine.

(a) Patch (b) Port (c) Node (d) Interface

Q-17 The language in which data is represented in terms of dens and zeros and
programs can be executed directly by the computer is called……….. .

(a) Assembly language (b) High level language
(c) Binary coded language (d) Machine language

Q-18 PDA Stands for……………..
(a) Prolog digital assistant (b) Program decimal assistant
(c) Protocol digital assistant (d) Personal digital assistant

Q-19 An extremely light weight personal computer, typically weighing less than 6
pounds is called…………

(a) Notebook computer (b) Palmtop (c) Laptop (d) Mini computers

Q-20 How many basic operators in Boolean algebra?

(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2

Q-21 The language uses opcodes instead of binary machine codes is called……….

(a) High level language (b) Machine language
(c) Assembly language (d) None of these

Q-22 COBOL Stands for………….

(a) Computer business oriented language
(b) Coded business operator language
(c) Computer business operator language
(d) Common business operator language

Q-23 How many basic types of binary coding used in computers?

(a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 5

Q-24 WAIS Stands for ………..

(a) World area inter server
(b) Wide area information server
(c) Wide area inter connection server
(d) None of these

Q-25 Pascal was developed by which of the following person?

(a) John Backus (b) John kemeny
(c) Nicklaus (d) John wirth


1 (a) Very large scale integrated circuits
2 (b) 1976-85
3 (C) Magnetic ink character reader
4 (d) 2
5 (a) Line printers and serial character printers
6 (b) MDR
7 (c) Memory data register
8 (d) Compact disk read-only memory
9 (a) 3
10 (c) String variables
11 (b) Beginners All purpose symbolic instruction code
12 (b) LET
13 (c) Chain printer
14 (a) E-Commerce
15 (b) Hyper text transport protocol
16 (c) Node
17 (d) Machine language
18 (d) Personal digital assistant
19 (a) Notebook computer
20 (b) 4
21 (c) Assembly language
22 (d) Common business operator language
23 (a) 3
24 (b) Wide area information server
25 (c) Nicklaus wirth

Computer Application

Computer Application

Q-1 Which of the following makes a network insecure ?

(a) Encryption (b) Network interface card
(c) Static key (d) None of these

Q-2 Which of the following is IBM’s micro computer ?

(a) Mac (b) Microcomp
(c) Macintosh (d) Both (a) and (b)

Q-3 Which of the following s not a transmission technology ?

(a) Broadcast linking (b) Narrowcast linking
(c) Point to point linking (d) None of these

Q-4 Which of the following are mandatory parts of complete PC system ?

(a) Hardware and Software (b) Input and Output
(c) Keyboard and printer (d) All the above

Q-5 Firewall is used in PC for

(a) Security (b) Authentication
(c) Data transmission (d) None of these

Q-6 Processing control procedures have

(a) Authorization and authentication of users
(b) Access control for online data
(c) Reporting of before and after images
(d) None of these

Q-7 Which of the following do you think is NOT necessary for computerization system in a bank

(a) Effective customer system (b) Effective bank office integration
(c) Focus on manual records (d) None of these

Q-8 CD ROMs are ……………

(a) Primary storage devices (b) Optical storage devices
(c) Magnetic storage devices (d) None of these

Q-9 Library software management software is for

(a) Documenting the changes that are made to program
(b) Controlling the version numbers of the programs
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

Q-10 Client-server computing is used in

(a) Interactive multi-media (b) Network multi-media
(c) MPEG video (d) All the above

Q-11 Floppy disk are

(a) Random access memories (b) Storage devices
(c) Used for transferring data (d) All of the above

Q-12 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a computer

(a) Intelligence` (b) Speed
(c) Versatility (d) Automation

Q-13 Which of the following is NOT a part of system ?

(a) Peripherals (b) Electric supply
(c) Logical interconnection between peripherals (d) Common goal

Q-14 The most common input device used today is ………….

(a) Motherboard (b) VDU
(c) Keyboard (d) IC chip

Q-15 The third generation of computer were in

(a) 1959-1964 (b) 1965-1971
(c) 1971- 1981 (d) None of these

Q-16 Which of the following is true?

(a) If while executing a program the power goes off all the instructions and data in the memory
will be host
(b) A PC/XT uses a 80186 microprocessor whereas a PC/AT uses a 80286 microprocessor
(c) both
(d) None of these

Q-17 Which of the following is a component of Internet?

(a) Routers to strengthen the attenuated signals
(b) Repeaters to establish physical connection between various LANs
(c) Gateways to allow a network to use the resources of another main frame
(d) Bridges to optimize the transmission path of massages

Q-18 Which of the following is NOT a server based network features ?
(a) File server (b) DNS
(c) Print server (d) All are server types

Q-19 Collection of tracks on a disk forms ……….
(a) Track (b) Cylinder
(c) Block (d) Disk

Q-20 A device that receives data from slow speed devices and transmits it to different locations is called?

(a) Remote Concentrator (b) Message switcher
(c) Front and processor (d) Demux

Q-21 Desirable feature of modem is

(a) Attenuation and amplification (b) Dynamic equalization
(c) Automatic dial – up (d) All

Q-22 What does the restructuring of existing source code in Reverse Engineering?

(a) Abstraction (b) Completeness
(c) Directionality (d) None of these

Q-23 ………….. is a supercomputer created by networking many small computes.

(a) ASCI white (b) Grid
(c) LAN (d) Network super

Q-24 File transfer is ………………

(a) An application program
(b) The function of the Application Layer
(c) A protocol of the Application Layer
(d) A web application

Q-25 ……………. Is used to read choice filled up by a student in common entrance tests.

(a) Hand held scanner (b) Papers
(c) OMR (d) Pointing devices


1. c 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. a 6. d 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. b 11. d 12. a 13.b
14. c 15. b 16. a 17. c 18. d 19. d 20. a 21. a 22. b 23. b 24. b 25. c


1. All these keys don’t change, some or the other time they might be hacked
3. There is nothing called as narrowcase
4. System is physical & logical entity
6. They have responsibility checks
7. Once computerized, data is kept in database, not on papers
13. It is supplied by external power
24. FTP is protocol but file transferring is done by application layer

Computer Application

Computer Application

Q-1 A topology of computer network means.............

(a) Arrangement of PCs in certain pattern
(b) Cabling between PCs
(c) Way the server connects to PCs
(d) None of these

Q-2 One of the oldest calculating devices was?

(a) Arithometer (b) Ready reckoner
(c) Abacus (d) None of these
Q-3 Electronics funds transfer is the exchange of money

(a) From one place to another (b) From one account to another
(c) From one bank to another (d) all of the above

Q-4 Which of the following is most reliable, robust and has a very high processing power? It is used in networks too.
(a) Super computer (b) Macro computer
(c) Main Frame (d) All of these

Q-5 Which of the following is not a component of an e- wallet?

(a) Digital Cash (b) Communication manager
(c) User Profile Manager (d) None of these
Q-6 Micro computer should be made because of invention of

(a) Intergrated Circuit (b) Transistor
(c) Protocols (d) None of these

Q-7 …………. Is temporary and ………… is Permanent.
(a) Storage, Memory (b) Memory, Storage
(c) Disk Storage (d) None of these

Q-8 How many rollers are actually responsible for movement of the curser in mouse?

(a) One (b) Two
(c) Three (d) Depends from mouse to mouse

Q-9 ………….. can be one of the approach used to tax online transaction

(a) Permanent establishment (b) Residence – Based
(c) Income based classification (d) All of the above

Q-10 Which of the following organization have not become computerized?

(a) Banks (b) Railways
(c) Water supply (d) Airways

Q-11 A computer is a ……….. device

(a) Calculating (b) Electrical
(c) Electronic (d) All of these

Q-12 Transistor was first used in

(a) 2nd generation Computer (b) 3rd generation computer
(c) 4th generation computer (d) None of these

Q-13 Multiprocessing is same as

(a) Multi – Programming (b) Multitasking
(c) Multiuser (d) Multiresource

Q-14 Generally PCs is fail because of

(a) Errors, negligence and low tech manipulation by insiders
(b) Breakdown of hardware
(c) Natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and floods
(d) None of these

Q-15 Which of them takes care of E-mail at client side?

(a) POP (Post office protocol)
(b) MAP (Massaging Application Programming Interface)
(c) IMAP (Internet Massage Access Protocol)
(d) None of these

Q-16 Which of the following is not a peripheral of PC?

(a) CPU (b) O.S.
(b) V.D.U. (d) Touch Screen

Q-17 Dedicated line is same as

(a) Narrowband Line (b) Broadband Line
(c) Leased line (d) None of these

Q-18 The decreased cost and increased performance of computer hardware were the distinguishing features of ………… generation of computers
(a) Second (b) Third
(c) Fourth (d) All generation

Q-19 SONET is a standard for which of the following networks?

(a) Twisted-pair cable (b) Fiber-optic cable
(c) Coaxial cable (d) Ethernet

Q-20 Internet was started as………..

(a) TCP/IP experiment
(b) Network for defences forces of America
(c) Group of research scientist scientists of Bell lab
(d) Contribution was done by all the above institutions

Q-21 Which of these e-commerce systems can handle non monetary documents?

(a) SWIFT (b) EFTS
(c) EDI (d) EBTS

Q-22 1 KB is equivalent to

(a) 1024 bits (b) 1000 bits
(c) 1024 bytes (d) 1000 bytes

Q-24 Which of the following transmission techniques permits data flow in only one direction?
(a) Simplex (b) Half Duplex
(c) Full duplex (d) Multiplexing

Q-25 Which of the following relieves the host computer from tedious job and does them itself?

(a) Remote concentrator (b) Massage switcher
(c) Front and processor (d) Demux


1. b 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. a 6. a 7. b 8. b 9. d 10. c 11. c
12. a 13. b 14. a 15. c 16. b 17. c 18. d 19. b 2o. b 21. c 22. c
23. a 24. a 25. c


5. Credit cards are used
8. One for movement in X-direction, another for movement in Y- direction
16. Operating system is a software
17. Lease lines is a 24 hour, high bandwidth dedicated line
19. Sonet is also a network architecture like client Server expect that it uses optical fibers has high speed

G. K. (Computer Fundamental)

G. K. (Computer Fundamental)

Find out from the following which is correct option

Q-1 Which of the following was first Generation computer?

(c) FECNIA (d) None of these

Q-2 When was the first Generation computer started?

(a) 1925- 1935 (b) 1935 – 1945
(c) 1945- 1955 (d) 1955- 1965

Q-3 Which was the first commercial computer?

(c) UNIVAC (D) None of these

Q-4 HLL stands for….

(a) High Lead Language (b) Hyper Lead Language
(c) High Level Language (d) None of these

Q-5 A light sensitive photoelectric cell to signal screen position to the computer is called………….

(a) Key board (b) Mouse
(c) Light Pen (d) Printer

Q-6 When was abacus computer developed?

(a) 1350 B. C. (b) 1450 B. C.
(c) 1550 B. C. (d) 1750 B. C.

Q-7 Which amongst the following country was developing abacus computer in B. C.?

(a) USA (b) UK
(c) India (d) China

Q-8 Who was invented Logarithms, the Second Invention Computer?

(a) Johan Napier (b) Johan Dupe
(c) Blaisse Napier (d) None of these

Q-9 In which of the following year pascal’s Calculator the Adding Machine was invented?

(a) 1542 A. D. (b) 1642 A. D.
(c) 1742 A. B. (d) None of these

Q-10 How many rows and columns in punch cards?

(a) 10 Rows and 60 Columns (b) 12 Rows and 75 Columns
(c) 12 Rows and 80 Columns (d) 15 Rows and 80 Columns

Q-11 The father of modern computer is ………

(a) Blaisse Pascal (b) Charles Napier
(c) Charles Marie (d) Charles Babbage

Q-12 Who was called the first computer Programmer?

(a) Lady Ada Lovelace (b) Lady Aiken
(c) Lady John von (d) None of these

Q-13 When was the machine language developed for the computer?

(a) 1812- 1860 (b) 1815 – 1864
(c) 1817 – 1870 (d) 1820- 1880

Q-14 Which of the following Machine language developed by George Boole?

(a) Abstract Algebra (b) Linear Algebra
(c) Boolean Algebra (d) Modern Algebra

Q-15 EDSACC electronic Delayed storage and calculation in 1947A.D. developed by which University

(a) Harvard University USA (b) Pennsylvania University USA
(c) Oxford University London (d) Cambridge University London

Q-16 An electronic circuitry “Flip- Flops’ the basic unit of computer circuiting – developed by…

(a) Ada Lovelace (b) F. W. Jordan & W. H.Eccles
(c) Ada and George Boole (d) None of these

Q-17 ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) was built by ……….

(a) W. H. Eccles and Presper (b) Presper Eckert and George Boole
(c) John Mauchly & Presper Eckert (d) None of these

Q-18 Who built harved Mark I computer with IBM and no sooner did the first computer ENIAC come in the market?

(a) Howard Aiken (b) Alan Turing
(c) George Boole (d) Johnson Neumann

Q-19 Which of the following generation computers had semi-conductors doped with impurities, better known as the transistors?

(a) First generation computers (b) Second generation computers
(c) Third generation computers (d) None of these

Q-20 Electronic circuits called integrated chips which had transistors closely packed on thin wafers used in ........................

(a) First generation computers (b) Second generation computers
(c) Third generation computers (d) Fourth generation computers

Q-21 How many types of storage media used in a computer system?

(a) Two types (b) Three types
(c) Four types (d) Five types

Q-22 Which amongst the following is extremely fast storage medias and on chip memory that is adjacent to the micro- Processor?

(a) Hard dick (b) Main Memory
(c) Registers (d) None of these

Q-23 FEP stands for……………

(a) FORTRAN English Protocol (b) Front End Processor
(c) Formula of English Principal (d) None of these

Q-24 What is the full form of PDA?

(a) Personal Difference Assistant
(b) Protocol Deformation Assistant
(c) Personal Digital Assistant
(d) Palmtops Digital Apple

Q-25 EBCDIC stands for…………………….

(a) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
(b) Extended Basic Coding Decode Information Code
(c) Extended Binary Coding Decode Interchange Code
(d) None of these

Answers With Reasons:

1 (b) ENIAC
2 (c) 1945- 1955
4(c) High Level Language
5 (c) Light Pen
6(b) 1450 B. C.
7 (d) China
8(a) Johan Napier
9(b) 1642 A. D.
10 (c) 12 Rows and 80 Columns
11(d) Charles Babbage
12(a) Lady Ada Lovelace
13(b) 1815 – 1864
14(c) Boolean Algebra
15(d) Cambridge University London
16(b) F. W. Jordan & W. H. Eccles
17(c) John Mabuchi &Presper Ecker
18(a) Howard Aiken
19(b) Second generation computers
20(c) Third generation computers
21(b) Three types
22(c) Registers
23(b) Front End Processor
24(c) Personal Digital Assistant
25(a) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code