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Computer Application

Computer Application

Q-1 A topology of computer network means.............

(a) Arrangement of PCs in certain pattern
(b) Cabling between PCs
(c) Way the server connects to PCs
(d) None of these

Q-2 One of the oldest calculating devices was?

(a) Arithometer (b) Ready reckoner
(c) Abacus (d) None of these
Q-3 Electronics funds transfer is the exchange of money

(a) From one place to another (b) From one account to another
(c) From one bank to another (d) all of the above

Q-4 Which of the following is most reliable, robust and has a very high processing power? It is used in networks too.
(a) Super computer (b) Macro computer
(c) Main Frame (d) All of these

Q-5 Which of the following is not a component of an e- wallet?

(a) Digital Cash (b) Communication manager
(c) User Profile Manager (d) None of these
Q-6 Micro computer should be made because of invention of

(a) Intergrated Circuit (b) Transistor
(c) Protocols (d) None of these

Q-7 …………. Is temporary and ………… is Permanent.
(a) Storage, Memory (b) Memory, Storage
(c) Disk Storage (d) None of these

Q-8 How many rollers are actually responsible for movement of the curser in mouse?

(a) One (b) Two
(c) Three (d) Depends from mouse to mouse

Q-9 ………….. can be one of the approach used to tax online transaction

(a) Permanent establishment (b) Residence – Based
(c) Income based classification (d) All of the above

Q-10 Which of the following organization have not become computerized?

(a) Banks (b) Railways
(c) Water supply (d) Airways

Q-11 A computer is a ……….. device

(a) Calculating (b) Electrical
(c) Electronic (d) All of these

Q-12 Transistor was first used in

(a) 2nd generation Computer (b) 3rd generation computer
(c) 4th generation computer (d) None of these

Q-13 Multiprocessing is same as

(a) Multi – Programming (b) Multitasking
(c) Multiuser (d) Multiresource

Q-14 Generally PCs is fail because of

(a) Errors, negligence and low tech manipulation by insiders
(b) Breakdown of hardware
(c) Natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and floods
(d) None of these

Q-15 Which of them takes care of E-mail at client side?

(a) POP (Post office protocol)
(b) MAP (Massaging Application Programming Interface)
(c) IMAP (Internet Massage Access Protocol)
(d) None of these

Q-16 Which of the following is not a peripheral of PC?

(a) CPU (b) O.S.
(b) V.D.U. (d) Touch Screen

Q-17 Dedicated line is same as

(a) Narrowband Line (b) Broadband Line
(c) Leased line (d) None of these

Q-18 The decreased cost and increased performance of computer hardware were the distinguishing features of ………… generation of computers
(a) Second (b) Third
(c) Fourth (d) All generation

Q-19 SONET is a standard for which of the following networks?

(a) Twisted-pair cable (b) Fiber-optic cable
(c) Coaxial cable (d) Ethernet

Q-20 Internet was started as………..

(a) TCP/IP experiment
(b) Network for defences forces of America
(c) Group of research scientist scientists of Bell lab
(d) Contribution was done by all the above institutions

Q-21 Which of these e-commerce systems can handle non monetary documents?

(a) SWIFT (b) EFTS
(c) EDI (d) EBTS

Q-22 1 KB is equivalent to

(a) 1024 bits (b) 1000 bits
(c) 1024 bytes (d) 1000 bytes

Q-24 Which of the following transmission techniques permits data flow in only one direction?
(a) Simplex (b) Half Duplex
(c) Full duplex (d) Multiplexing

Q-25 Which of the following relieves the host computer from tedious job and does them itself?

(a) Remote concentrator (b) Massage switcher
(c) Front and processor (d) Demux


1. b 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. a 6. a 7. b 8. b 9. d 10. c 11. c
12. a 13. b 14. a 15. c 16. b 17. c 18. d 19. b 2o. b 21. c 22. c
23. a 24. a 25. c


5. Credit cards are used
8. One for movement in X-direction, another for movement in Y- direction
16. Operating system is a software
17. Lease lines is a 24 hour, high bandwidth dedicated line
19. Sonet is also a network architecture like client Server expect that it uses optical fibers has high speed

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